A while ago, I discovered Sunnivue farm and the R.O.S.E Land Trust. If you are reading this, you are likely already convinced just how important and powerful this dual concept is in our modern times: the local, organic farm addressing concepts such as access to healthy, secure local foods; respect for soil, seed and livestock; and to feel, taste and experience rich and nourishing foods. Most importantly: to appreciate and witness the satisfying and utterly exhausting toil of the farmers.

The indispensable partner: The Rose Land Trust, connecting city to farm, people to farmers and children to soil; assuring the land will always be available for organic farming purposes, protected from speculation and development; and connecting like-minded organizations, individuals, philanthropists, farmers and children to each other. The land trust just might be the ideal way we – as a society - hold common property in the future, the ideal alternative to private property, land speculation and ever increasing threats to the valuable farm soil of our world.

Countless hours are donated by farm helpers, trustees and community members to sustain this dream. The results are amazing: ownership of a debt-free 200-acre farm on the Ausable River, a beautiful farm store, a top-quality market garden, young farmers discovering organic methods, maple syrup production and baby Christmas trees, and a developing bed and breakfast in the old farmhouse. This is perhaps the greatest opportunity to address environmental, food security and farmland protection all at the same time. Your support is appreciated and essential, and of course to spend a Saturday morning on the farm as a visitor... there is no better therapy in the world!!!

Jens Stickling, Board Chair, R.O.S.E land trust