As a Community Land Trust, the ROSE land care association is primarily concerned with preserving land from development and speculation. As an agricultural land trust, it is specifically dedicated to:

preserving agricultural land and protecting it from development.


Additional objectives are:

  • To promote and practice organic agriculture;
  • To foster the knowledge and practice of biodynamic agriculture;
  • To practice sound principles of conservation;
  • To bring rural and urban communities together and enhance their mutual understanding;
  • To provide opportunities for young farmers to embark on a career in organic agriculture;
  • To provide opportunities for young people to experience life and work on a farm;
  • To develop educational activities for both children and adults in order to enhance their understanding of sustainable farming, of sustainable ecological practices, and of life on a farm;
  • To share knowledge and experience with others who are interested in forming agricultural land trusts;
  • To educate the public about sustainable agriculture, environmentally sound practices, and practical ways of showing respect for the earth and its life forms;
  • To serve as a centre and focus for social and therapeutic activities;
  • To foster a cooperative way of working;
  • To learn to make decisions through a process of consensus-building;
  • To raise funds to secure the land and buildings and to promote the land trust’s objectives.

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