Barn Roof Repair Fundraiser

Raise the Roof for Sunnivue

For over 27 years, Sunnivue Farm and ROSE Land Trust has been bringing rural and urban communities together. Our organic and biodynamic-minded setting has supported individuals and groups from a variety of backgrounds. Our visitors have had the opportunity to appreciate the gifts given by the land, while spending time at the farm. 

After a heavy snowfall in January 2018, our beloved barn was severely damaged, as the lean-to roof collapsed. This has left us with the cost and challenge of a $28,000 repair bill. We are looking to the community to help us repair the barn so that Sunnivue can continue to be enjoyed and loved by all.

Our goal is to have the barn completed by Spring 2019. We are looking forward to celebrating the completion with a grand unveiling by having an open house with our supporters and community members.

Thank you so much for your support, and please send us any questions you may have about this fundraiser. 

Here is the link to the GoFundMe campaign web page: 

You're welcome to visit us this Saturday for the second last weekend of the Farm Store's offerings before we close after November 3. Alex will be at the store with specials on baskets of peppers and eggplant for $3, baskets of potatoes for $3.50, and frozen duck and chicken for $4.50/pound. You'll also find squash, pumpkins, leeks, onions, carrots, kale, lettuce mix, tomatillos, eggs, Red Cat Bakery bread, and puffball mushrooms ("probably" says Alex, depending on how harvesting them goes).