New Bridge


Dear Friends of ROSE and Sunnivue:

It looks as if tomorrow will be a little milder and sunnier, just in time for a trip to the Sunnivue Farm store where Storekeeper Chris will be happy to welcome you and offer you a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.

Look for freshly dug potatoes, grown by Alex, and freshly picked corn, grown by Jason and Twan, along with a striking array of other produce as well as all the meats, teas, coffees, pottery, and many other items that you have come to expect.

Lots is going on at Sunnivue these days. Please scroll down to see a picture of Ruben and Ralph standing proudly on a new bridge that now gives unimpeded access to trails in the Sunnivue bush. We have discovered that when Ralph sees a problem, he just goes ahead and solves it. Now more of us will be able to enjoy and learn from the bush area, and Chris will find it ever so much easier to get in and tap our own maple trees. THANK YOU RALPH!!

Looking forward to seeing you all,

Sally (for ROSE and Sunnivue)