Edamame, maple syrup, and paintings!

Dear Friends of ROSE and Sunnivue,

On Saturday I was delighted to find fresh edamame, grown by Matt in his market garden at Sunnivue, for sale in the farm store, along with a wide variety of other vegetables, meats, pottery, teas, coffee, breads. . .

There is always a surprise waiting for me when I arrive at the farm store. Another novelty last weekend was a pair of paintings by Chris’s uncle, which you can see below. They picture a familiar-looking character - could it be Chris himself? - feeding his beloved baby Christmas trees and struggling to derive some nourishment from a stand of maple trees. 

(Fortunately the latter pursuit was successful, and some of the maple syrup can also be found on the shelves at the store.)

I hope to see you there if you live within range.

And if you’d like to stop receiving these email notices, please just let me know by return email.

All the best,

Sally (for ROSE and Sunnivue)