Harvest Festival at Sunnivue

I am so sorry to have missed this year’s Harvest Festival at Sunnivue. It sounds like an amazing occasion, with treasure and scavenger hunts, delicious food, wagon rides, trail walking, musicians, a visiting kitten and show-stopping baby goat, and lots of good company.

I understand that many people contributed to making the day such a success, planning, setting up, publicizing, maintaining the store, providing and cooking the food, and making all the events happen. Among the central organizers and publicists were Ralph, Jens, Chris, Dagmar, Ruben, Alex, Ellinor, Jason, Twan, Carol, Connie, and Penny. Many thanks to all of you, and apologies to anyone whose contributions I haven’t yet heard about.

I hope those of you who attended will let me know what you most enjoyed! I hear that Jason’s baby goat most enjoyed being with Christine Newland, and with some of the visiting children who quickly found the way to his/her heart.

All the very best,
Sally (for Sunnivue and ROSE)