The Premier's Award

Dear Friends of Sunnivue Farm,

There is exciting news: Sunnivue has been awarded one of the Premier’s Awards for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence for 2007! These awards are part of a five-year Ontario programme to recognize new ideas in agriculture, and to support the "vision, creativity and hard work" that are so necessary to maintain and renew agriculture in the province.

The award was given for the partnership between ROSE: A Land Care Association and Sunnivue Farm, that is, for the idea of protecting the integrity of a family farm, and relating it to its community, with the help of a non-profit community land trust. The award recognizes the desire of the founders of the land trust "to link the principles of local food systems, community and sustainability that reflected their values."

The citation for the award notes that the model created by ROSE and Sunnivue was the first of its kind in Canada. It is our cherished wish that many more land trusts may arise to protect agricultural land and to ally themselves with farmers throughout the country. To this end, we are anxious to strengthen ROSE and to give it the tools to contribute more effectively to agricultural life and to communication between the city and the country.

This is where we need to solicit the support of all friends of Sunnivue and of ROSE, and ask you to consider becoming a ROSE member, or making a donation.  Membership in ROSE carries no specific responsibilities but it does help us gauge the level of support in the community for our efforts, and the modest membership fee helps us greatly with our promotional efforts through which more and more people are learning about the farm and the land trust. Donations are also very welcome, indeed essential, to help us with annual expenses and with maintenance and construction on the farm.

If you would like to know more about ROSE, please consult the "R.O.S.E." page on this web-site, where you will also find a printable membership/donation form. For more information, or to subscribe to our email notices, please email  And many thanks for your interest, and for any kind of support you can offer, including letting other people know about Sunnivue and ROSE.